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At Exceed Education, we are the experts in English, offering personalised tutoring services for students across Parramatta. Our skilled, experienced and highly qualified teachers will help you ensure success through a structured program of learning that focuses on your particular needs. To find out more, just call us today on 0422 126 725.
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About us

We are a group of qualified and experienced teachers passionate about helping students to reach their full potential through small group, personalised tuition. 

We have years of experience in English teaching and offer a wide range of courses for both holiday and term time. We are patient, caring and nurturing teachers who will guide you to achieve your best in English. 

Our Values

We will offer you the very best teaching and learning environment where asking and answering questions, working in a small group of similar students and being able to discuss and express yourself are important everyday elements in boosting your self-confidence, knowledge base and ultimately your success in English!


The new English Syllabus to be implemented in 2018/19 – Preliminary and HSC, Advanced, Standard, Extension 1 and 2, EAL/D (ESL)

Adult English classes

Writing under timed conditions for tests, assessments and examinations.

Holiday Clinics to refine your skills and knowledge. 
NAPLAN, Step into Year 11 English (New HSC Syllabus), HSC Revision and exam preparation for ESL, Advanced, Standard, Extension 1. 

Pre-university language proficiency in English speaking, reading and writing.

For quality tuition, call 0422 126 725.
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